Stuff I’ve loved in June

Hey guys, first of all thanks so much for following and commenting. I received a couple more comments than usual so thankyou!
As June is justtttt about finished, I have plenty of cool things I’ve been wearing/using/listening/making/eating. If you guys enjoy this, like this post or leave a comment and I might turn this into a monthly, reoccurring post!
1. Honeywater EP
Honeywater is 2 person band, made up of Amandla Stenberg, the actor and singer well known for being ‘Rue’ in the Hunger Games, and her best friend Zander Hawley. Honeywater’s EP is actually amazing and probably some of the best songs I’ve ever listened to. I would 100% recommend if you are into folky music, or have trouble concentrating while doing homework. Really helps me haha 🙂
If you listened and like it, I would suggest their older album ‘Wonder’ which is equally as fabulous!


2. The 100 (Netflix Show)
My mum and brother started watching this and as I’m not a fan of even slightly creepy things, didn’t watch the first two episodes. Rookie mistake, because they made me watch the next episode and I’m obsessed and I’m only seven episodes in!This tv series is set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction, where a nuclear apocalypse killed all life on earth. The only survivors are on the space stations in Earths orbit. But the ‘Ark’s (the collective name of the space stations) systems are failing, so they send down 100 criminal minors to test whether the radiation is still on Earth. As the 100 find out about Earth, they discover they are not alone. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it! Even though I’m really not into sci-fi, this is amazing!


3. Making iced tea
In Australia, where I live, it’s just turned into winter, so making iced tea is kinda crazy, but hey, I think that it’s summer somewhere in the world so……
Anyway, lately I’ve been making quite a lot of tea, in this big jug. It’s amazing, because I make it and it last for over a week, and a small glass of it is so refreshing! I’ve been using this loose leaf ‘Apple-Tree Tea’ and that’s all you need. Boil some water, measure out a cup of loose leaf and put in the infuser, put the water in and fridge! In a small matter of hours you have chilled refreshing iced tea 🙂

4. Jessica Kobeissi’s ‘4 Photographers shoot the same model’
I stumbled across this YouTube channel, and fell in love with this short ‘series’ on her channel. Jessica Kobeissi. Her cool as photographer friends. Pretty models. What more could you want. Each photographer gets to choose the movie deals outfit and location, and everybody has to take a picture. It’s really awesome how they interpret each location and outfit diffferently. Here, check it out > here

Thanks for reading! Let me know if I should make this a monthly thing!
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5 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve loved in June

  1. brooke@foodandfunstuff❤️ June 23, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    I wish I could go to Australia!!! I’m stuck in California though.☺️


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